February 17, 2020 3 min read

There are times when I am working at home and I lose concentration, I wonder how other people do it? How do they map out their working day and get things done. Lindsay is the founder and designer of MishMish Paper Co, originally from the States, she now lives in the UK with her husband and baby girl, Ada. Lindsay gave me an insight into her working day.




How does your day start?

My day starts in our sweet little terraced house, located in Hoole, just a 12 min walk from our studio right in the heart of Chester! Our routine is a bit different nowadays, with having a little one and my husband working pretty late, my day starts usually around 8am. Our 5 month old, Ada, is top priority. Making sure she is fed first is crucial! I then have a little play with her, and I usually get ready myself and have breakfast.

My commute to work is less than a 15 min walk into Chester city centre, and during this time Ada falls asleep in the pram, which means when we get to the studio/shop I can get going for a solid hour or so. Depending if my husband is off work and helping me for the day, I usually get right into printing and he takes care of the emails and admin.


Work is where?

Our new studio/shop is located in Rufus Court, right off of Northgate street in Chester city centre. My husband usually comes and helps when he can, it’s growing so fast and I need all the help I can get! He is the organised one between us.


Is work a well-oiled machine or does each day present a new challenge?

It depends on the current job! We are in the height of wedding season at the moment, and I find custom wedding suites very time consuming and sometimes challenging. You want to get everything absolutely right and perfect for the client. If we are topping up on current card designs, those are easier and very straightforward when it comes to setting up the press and printing.


Are you someone who listens to music or needs silence? 

I am both. If I’m getting ready to print a long run, that’s when I usually put on music - Latino is my go to.


Where do you get your inspiration for your designs?

When I’m outside. Especially the summertime, I just love going on walks and being consumed in the organic. A wise professor once told me to ‘pay attention to what you pay attention to’. That’s when inspiration is everywhere.


Sketchbook or mood board?



Lunch is spent where?

In the studio. Usually I run out for a cheeky coffee to get me through the day too. It’s dangerous being right in town surrounded by so many coffee shops!


Running your own company can make it tricky to separate working hours from home hours, how do you cope with this?

When I was working from home full time, I found it stressful more than I liked, especially towards the end before we officially got the studio space. It was very difficult to switch off, it seemed work was always staring at me in the face! Since moving into our new studio in town, what a dramatic change! I find I am able to separate work and home in a very healthy way.


How important is exercise for you? How do you find time for it?

Exercise is so important to me. I was a scholarship athlete in University back in NY, so staying active has always been a lifestyle of mine rather than a chore. I find I have a much clearer mind and feel complete after working out, plus it’s a great stress reliever. I usually workout in the evenings and Saturday mornings, gets you up and going!


You have finished work for the day, what waits for you at home? How do you unwind? 

When work is done for the day, I head home with little Ada in tow. My husband works late, so I tend to make myself dinner when I feel like it, and hang out with Ada until she is ready for bed. If my husband is home I usually workout. How I unwind is dependent on how I’m feeling, although, at the moment I'm pursuing my MFA in Fine Art, so I usually have homework to do.


And finally, your night time rituals?

Night time rituals include showering and washing my face with my fave Lush product, ultrabland, then getting into bed, sometimes with a glass of wine while reading anything letterpress related, or nowadays finding ideas for the shop.