June 04, 2023 2 min read

Our top 5 treats for Father's Day.

Father's Day is on the 18th June this year in the UK and we have found five things that make great gifts or tokens of appreciation to the variety of fathers out there.


1. The Botanical Candle Co gift bag

Provide a little self care on Father's Day. The botanical Candle Co is based in Shaftesbury and have a great selection of gift boxes. This gift bag contains a hand made candle, matches and bath lotion. I think it would be perfect for the new dads out there.

2. Mr B's Emporium Reading Subscription

Book subscription for Father's Day

A great idea for your father or grandfather. This subscription starts from £50, the team at the shop are happy to recommend books, plus, as they post one book a month, it's a father's day gift that keeps on giving!

3. Socks

Yes, socks... specifically Rototo socks which you can find at the haven of Father's day gifts, Our daily Edit


A generic sock will always be just that, a generic sock. But when a dad or that person who has always been like a dad to you, gets given a quality pair of socks that provide comfort and snugness whilst chilling on the sofa after a long day (which these socks do provide in abundance), they will always think of you.


4. Meet Bernard

If you're looking to give a subtle indication that your dad's appearance needs some attention, Meet Bernard is the place for you.

Father's day gift idea

A wonderful selection of menswear from small brands and they offer gift vouchers. You can't go wrong!

5. Nicely Done

A curated selection of Father's Day cards and gifts for the note taker in the family.


It would be remiss of us not to mention that we have quite a few beautiful cards that aren't too cliche or too in your face full of love that work so well for Father's Day. And if you're wanting a quality gift to go with it, we have some of the best notebooks and pens too.