November 25, 2019 2 min read

Sounds like a plan, Stan.


Is there a correlation between those who love to write and send a card also loving a good planner? I think so!


We have one more month before 2020 and designers are bringing out their planners/diaries what ever you want to call them, for the new year.  I have always loved a planner since I had a timetable for school. I would immediately add birthdays and then exam dates, schedule in revision sessions and duly ignore them all. But now I struggle to get by without my planner. It documents my entire day, going to the gym, seeing friends, family and work commitments. It actually makes me feel better and more accomplished when I look at what I have achieved each day as well as keep me on track to complete my tasks for the day.  I should add that I work from home, alone, so getting distracted is extremely easy!


My top 3 planners are:


The Completist, where  you can add the day and date to each page so you don’t end up wasting half the planner over the year. It’s got well thought out sections for your to-do lists and it comes in two different sizes. But most importantly, the cover designs will undoubtedly add joy to your day!


Bespoke Letterpress, I would say this is for the sophisticated person. The planner is bound in linen, has gold gilded edges as well as gold foiling on the front – it really is a thing of beauty and I guarantee that when you go to write your name in the front, you will take a moment to poise yourself and make it as immaculate as possible.   What I love about Bespoke Letterpress is that they took on all of the feedback from their previous planner whilst designing their 2020 planner and this goes to show in the new internal layout and new sizes (it comes in two sizes now).


Choosing Keeping, If you live in London or are visiting Central London – I highly recommend you visit their shop in Covent Garden. It is so beautiful and their decorated diaries are a great treat for yourself or a special gift for someone.  It is their first in-house range of diaries with the covers coming from their own collection of Italian and Japanese decorative papers, meaning that each cover is unique.