November 08, 2023 2 min read

The season of gift giving will soon be upon us and I have rounded up the top 5 experiences for Christmas present ideas.

Here are five experiences that would certainly make me happy on Christmas Day!

1. I'll start with what I received last Christmas, a gift voucher for The Kiln Rooms. This amazing gift has meant that I will soon be selling my own ceramic wares on the site, something I had only dreamed of before.  And there are so many brilliant pottery studios across the UK and beyond.  I think this would be the perfect card to add the voucher to.


2. Bertinet Kitchen School - A gift I have given a couple of times in the past and it has never disappointed, and you could combine it with a weekend break (see point 5) to the City of Bath. The Luiza Hollub card would be my choice for a cooking experience gift and add the Wanderlust Notebook for jotting down recipes.


3. Sports event - I'm always shocked when someone tells me they have never watched sport live. It is such an adrenalin rush and a great way to spend the day. Obviously the big games will be quite expensive but local games aren't. Find out the sport that your friend or family member enjoys the most/understands the rules of and then see what's available. My preference is always Twickenham as I like a beer or two and both the team's fans mingle together with ease. have a look at our 'Festive Hugs' card if this is the gift for you.

20,000 rugby fans set to be allowed inside Twickenham next month as match  tickets go on sale - Wales Online 

4. Get the happy endorphins rolling with a comedy or music night.  It doesn't have to be a big arena or theatre, but seeing live entertainment is a great way to spend the evening plus you could go for a nice meal too. Add a message to our 'Jingle bells' Card and you're all done!

KOKO is reopening and it's going to blow you away - Camdenist

5. A city break - Not the cheapest one but something that you can both enjoy. Amsterdam is a favourite of mine and I also did a great trip to Liverpool and had a surprisingly good time on a Beatles tour!  This sketchbook could be added to the gift to act as a photo album and diary of the mini holiday.