November 25, 2019 3 min read

Add colour to your home!


One of the things I love about a good card is that it can add a touch of warmth and colour to a room. Emphasis on the word ‘good’, if it is a bad card it can ruin an aesthetic!


Just a couple on a mantelpiece or bookcase, or you can pop them into a simple picture frame and voila, you have a little piece of art.  But, there are many other ways to add colour and you don’t have to be a home owner to implement these tips.


First things first, colour is not a bad thing! I know we are just rubbing our eyes clear after a lengthy time of grey on grey on grey – and don’t get me wrong, there are some uses of grey that I think look spectacular. But there are too many fails that the word ‘grey’ now makes me shudder. I have far more respect for someone who takes a leap of faith and attempts to show their personality through colour and pattern. Please don’t be afraid of it.


There are various ways of doing this, and one way is to choose three adjacent colours. Adjacent colours are colours that sit next to each other on the colour wheel (think of a rainbow, but it’s full circle)  For example yellow, yellow-green and green.


How you bring colour into your home should always start small, unless you have a professional giving you sound advice - and you go bigger as you build up your confidence.  By small, I mean cushions, art, throws etc…


Cushions, have fun with textures and patterns there are so many fun and exciting cushions out there! Have a look at Lillian Daph either online or if you are in the North Yorkshire area, pop into the store – it is beautiful!


I know that the idea of creating art can give some people heart palpitations but there is no way to mess this idea up! Go into your local art shop or you can purchase online at Cassart a few canvases, these can be in different sizes but, not too big as you may get bored.  Depending on how into this you are, get marker pens if you want it to be easy, paints to be a little harder (only in terms of organisation).  Get some friends or family together and choose a colour each. Each person can do what ever they want on a canvas for 5 mins and then pass it on. At the end, you then have a number of bespoke pieces of abstract art!  If you live in rented accommodation, apparently Command strips are the best… but I haven’t tried them, I’m that person who just drills into walls in a happy go lucky manner!


Throws - have a look at Printed Goods, down in Bristol and if there are any left, Jaqueline Colley has some awesome throws. These can be used quite literally thrown over the back of a sofa, across a bed or even hung on the wall.


And finally, flowers!! They bring life as well as colour to a room and are a pretty great way to cheer you up.  My go to Florist is Petalon.  If you are in London, they deliver by bicycle almost everywhere and if not then they deliver by post too. They offer two styles of bouquet each week and they are just beautiful, AND they stay alive for weeks.